wueppa (wueppa) wrote in engagedlife,

The Tyra Banks Show

A nationally syndicated talk show is looking for women who are getting married and are stressing about their wedding, paying for everything, and most importantly FITTING into their DRESS!!!

Are you a bride to be that is STRESSING out about fitting into your wedding dress. Are you going to extremes to lose those extra pounds. If you are getting married and going to extremes measures to diet, then we would like to hear your story. We are looking to hear from brides that are determined to fit into their dress no matter what. So if you or someone you know is taking dieting to an extreme right before the big day, let us know. Please contact me ASAP, we are putting together a show and would like to address this important issue. Please call me anytime so we can discuss more details. If you do reply to this via email please include a contact number and a photo.

Thank you,

J.C. Cueva
Associate Producer
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