cosmicdream (cosmicdream) wrote in engagedlife,

Hello ^_^

Name (first and LJ name): Cassandra aka cosmicdream
Where are you from? from the Buffalo, Ny area but just recently moved to Lancaster, Pa. Our wedding is going to be in Western Ny though which makes all the planning a little bit more difficult.
Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name): Chris, and he doesn't have a LJ
Fiance(e`)'s Age: 26
Where is he/she from? Same story as me above =)
How long have you been together? been together4 years, engaged for 2 months
How did you meet? online, actually
When did you get engaged? January of 08
How? he proposed at one of our favorite hang out.. the Olive Garden lol
When are you getting married? July 25th 2009
Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list? sure
What is your biggest challenge as a couple? having our families get along. the have different religious beliefs (my family is Christian, his mom is wiccan) and it doesn't sit well AT ALL with either.
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