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Name (first and LJ name): Michelle, yacaughtme2386
Age: 21
Where are you from?: Louisiana
Fiance's Name (first and LJ name): Justin, pi_is_not_three
Fiance's Age: 22
Where is he from?: Louisiana
How long have you been together?: 2 years
How did you meet?: Through mutual friends
When did you get engaged?: Hm. Feb. 20th.
How?: Heh, he sat me down and told me that he knew that we'd planned to get married after we were done with college, but we weren't in college anymore [we both dropped out this semester for different personal reasons] so would I want to marry him now? Yeah. He's a dork.
When are you getting married?: November 23, 2008
Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list?: Sure.
What is your biggest challenge as a couple?: Hm. Mostly quitting school has been taken hard by both our families, even though dropping out was a separate event from the whole engagement thing. Also, my parents don't really like my fiance and think I'm making a huge mistake by marrying him, and refuse to take part in the wedding. So yeah... stress and drama. :D
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