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Name (first and LJ name): Anna  --- dreams2_reality
Age: 23
Where are you from? Louisville, Kentucky
Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name): David --- no lj
Fiance(e`)'s Age: 24
Where is he/she from?  Louisville, Kentucky
How long have you been together? 1 1/2 exclusively
How did you meet? poker tournament
When did you get engaged? Dec. 7, 2007
How? He took me to a fabulous restaurant on the river front.  Rented a suite in the hotel over looking my favorite park in the city.  We were sitting in the window enjoying some wine and then he asked.
When are you getting married? Nov 2008 unsure of exact date
Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list? sure
What is your biggest challenge as a couple? interfaith relationship and we have a child
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