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So excited I can't even come up with a word!

FH and I took this community's advice and went to his childhood church together for evening mass on Saturday.  I loved it!  It was so beautiful, the priest was amazing, the sanctuary was this gorgeous all white and had big open windows on the "cross" (the head and arms of the cross, sorry lack of intelligent descriptive word).  It was amazing and perfect for the night time wedding that we want!  If it's a clear night we'll be able to see the stars, and if it's snowing - which would be fabulous - we would be able to see the snowflakes!  

We asked the priest if we could set up a time to speak with him about getting married and he informed us that he actually had time right after mass if we had time.  We did, so we shipped our kiddo out the door with Grandma and Grandpa and went to talk to the priest.  He was so down to earth and easy going.  I instantly clicked with him.  We did the questioning and intentions and he got reacquainted with David and got to know a little bit about my background.  

And then we started talking about dates, we told him we wanted a November wedding and his face kinda cringed and he told us that all of the Friday and Saturdays in November were booked!  I thought this was suppose to be the off season but evidently it's the new June lol.  And then he looked again, and he was like wait, we do have a Friday open because the couple just cancelled!  SWEET!  I mean I hope the couple is okay, but now we have a wedding date!  November 21, 2008.  

We were even able to do our FOCCUS questions and more information about engagement encounter that evening.  He was such a lovely man and so accommodating  Just had to share.  Happy planning to all!   

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