Kristin Marie (paper_schemes) wrote in engagedlife,
Kristin Marie

Introduction :)

Name: (first and LJ name): Kristin / ewwitskristin

Age: Twenty

Where are you from? La Grange Park, IL

Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name): Kevin / he doesn't have an LJ

Fiance(e`)'s Age: Thirty

Where is he/she from? He was born in Arlington, TX and now lives in Arlington Heights, IL

How long have you been together? Ah, I love this question. Three months. Ours can be described as a very unconventional move script-esque romance; I am more than willing to tell the story if anyone would like to listen.

How did you meet? We actually met online; we talked for about a month and then he came over to my house one evening after I got off work.

When did you get engaged? July 4th, 2008

How? He did the traditional 'ask her parents permission' deal and then proposed to me under the fire works.

When are you getting married? April 18th, 2009

Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list? I would love to!

What is your biggest challenge as a couple? Finding a middle ground. Him and I are both martyr types and sometimes it's difficult learning that there is no need, that we are both equal in say and that there is no need for either of us to give up everything and ignore our personal needs. I believe we are doing a very good job at helping each other over come that.
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