Tamara (tiggy162004) wrote in engagedlife,


Name (first and LJ name): Tamara Tiggy162004
Age: 23
Where are you from? Sierra Vista, Arizona
Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name): Andrew
Fiance(e`)'s Age: 23
Where is he/she from? Tucson, Arizona
How long have you been together? 7 months
How did you meet? We went to high school together
When did you get engaged? April 5, 2009
How? He proposed on a hike we had taken to watch the sunset
When are you getting married? April 10, 2010
Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list? sure
Whatis your biggest challenge as a couple? We are both working crappy jobs and just suddenly found out we will not be getting help for the wedding
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