Sarah Locker (hiitssarie) wrote in engagedlife,
Sarah Locker


Name (first and LJ name): Sarah/ hiitssarie
Age: 21
Where are you from? Austin, TX
Fiance(e`)'s Name (first and LJ name): Chris (no LJ)
Fiance(e`)'s Age: 23
Where is he/she from? Austin, TX
How long have you been together? 5 years in Jan
How did you meet? Through a mutual friend when I was in high school and he was a freshman in college
When did you get engaged? Feb 28, 2009
How? He recreated our first date by taking me to a local park (where we spent a lot of time when we were first dating), to Olive Garden for dinner, then to a different park. It was very sweet:-)
When are you getting married? Aug 14, 2010.
Would you like to be included on our wedding dates list?  Yep!
What is your biggest challenge as a couple? Time. Distance; we live apart right now because we go to different colleges, and will continue to do so until May. We have been long distance for 4 out of our 5 years together, but we see each other most weekends, so that helps. I can't wait to live with him full time!
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